Jojoba Beads

If you are a regular user of beauty products, chances are you have used jojoba beads, since it is a common ingredient in many cleansers, soaps, and scrubs. The main use of jojoba beads is to exfoliate skin. One of the main reasons they are so commonly used is because they gently clean, and do not damage the skin or leave it open for bacteria to invade. If you are not already using it, you may want to consider using products where it constitutes of the active ingredients. You may also consider mixing your own jojoba beads with other ingredients for a more effective and inexpensive skin care solution.


Jojoba beads are derived from the jojoba shrub, which grows in the wilds of the deserts in the southern part of the United States, and the northern part of Mexico. More specifically, they are native to the desert region of southeastern Arizona but are also found in the Mojave Desert in California. For many centuries, the Native American tribes in the region used them as a treatment for sunburned skin. The jojoba shrub produces large seeds. From these seeds a wax called jojoba oil is extracted. Jojoba oil is used in a host of over-the-counter beauty products because it acts as a moisturizer, and also because it is very stable. Jojoba wax, in its fully hydrogenated form is referred to as jojoba beads.


Jojoba beads are odorless and colorless. They can clearly be seen in most beauty products that use them as an active ingredient, and they are appealing to the eye. They look like small spheres, and they are the ideal choice for anyone who has an allergy to nuts. They also feel as good when applied to the skin as they look. The small jojoba beads shells will not irritate or scratch skin. Jojoba beads are also biodegradable, so they are friendly to the environment.


Jojoba beads can also be used as a treatment for facial acne. Most products use them to deliver other substances deep into the pores of the user that heal acne from within. They are very similar to the natural oil and waxy materials produced by the sebaceous gland, called sebum. For this reason, it is sometimes included in acne treatment products.
It is not always necessary to buy an over-the-counter acne product to get the results you want. You can easily mix up a treatment for yourself. If you suffer from blemishes and have dry skin, you can make you own scrub by mixing equal amounts of jojoba beads and cornmeal. Use about 15 grams of each for best results. Use this mixture directly on blemished areas by rubbing it into the skin, and then rinse with water. This is a very inexpensive way to get clean and clear skin.